Re: US Senators Introduce Legislation to Track, Identify High-Altitude Balloons


What are these parts?

Administrator issues a notice of proposed rulemaking22
under subsection (b)(1), a person may only operate a high23
altitude balloon if such balloon meets the requirements de-24
scribed in section 91.215(b) of title 14, Code of Federal25
MUR23284 1FY S.L.C.
Regulations, notwithstanding the exemption provided in1
subsection (e)(1) of such section 91.215.2


On 3/16/2023 4:24 PM, Hank Riley via wrote:

Official U.S. Senate press release for the Kelly-Budd Seeing Objects at Altitude Regularly (SOAR) Act

Sen. Kelly said:

“At a time when our adversaries are using hostile surveillance tactics, there is no reason why our country should have to wonder whether an object in our airspace is a threat, weather balloon, or science project. Our common-sense legislation will give our military the tools needed to identify threats more quickly and efficiently, while providing more certainty to good faith operators of high-altitude balloons. I welcome Senator Budd’s partnership on this safety and national security issue.”

The text of the proposed Soar Act is attached as a small PDF.

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