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I did a comparison of 3 different predictors a few years ago for GPSL and all 3 predictictions were very close to the same.  I also took the flights from the previous a year's GPSL and when I used the actual burst altitude, ascent and descent rates the flights were quite accurate based on the wind available at launch time.  The problem is it is very difficult to get those 3 variables correct.  

There are several chase programs that update the actual as the fllight progresses.  One of the easiest numbers to get close is the descent rate so if you run a prediction soon after burst you should get close to an accurate landing site.


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Hey all,

In general, how do the predictions of the CUSF engine ( compare with the actual landing site? I've heard the figure of +- 2 miles. What is your opinion on this?

Still working out a few RTTY transmission bugs with my payload, then hopefully launch this week! Code is here If anybody could help figure out why the longitude doesn't always transfer correctly (occasionally, it just skips a digit in the decoder, although the datastring[] is always fine) it'd be wonderful!!!!.


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