Re: Looks like they shot it down

AE5IB (Kip)

I do not understand shooting it down with a missile.

They should have put a single shot through the balloon.  Either it would pop, and the whole thing would drop like a rock into the ocean, or the leak could be slow enough to make it drop slower than a rock.

I am guessing the missile hit the package under the balloon as opposed to the balloon, which would have blown the pieces to bits. Again a balloon hit would have left bigger pieces to recover. 

I think it is the case that if you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail. Someone should have been thinking outside the box.


On Sun, Feb 5, 2023 at 4:00 PM James Ewen VE6SRV <ve6srv@...> wrote:
So how many ARHAB flights are going to cause a stir now that people might look up once in a while? 

Are you going to be escalating international tensions with your flight?

Also, how much did the US military spend to take down that balloon? Just the missile alone is probably worth significantly more than the whole flight train. 


On Sun, Feb 5, 2023 at 11:45 AM stan siems <ssiems@...> wrote:

I will be launching a counter measure this week. will be sending chines Mylar balloons back to china. will post date and time aprs will be WB0EMJ 20 w/t 20 mtr wisper

On 2/4/2023 1:54 PM, Joe WB9SBD wrote:

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