GPSL 2023 now scheduled for June 16 and 17

Bill Brown

Due to a conflict during the whole month of July with key members of the UAH Space Hardware Club and their advisor who will be co-sponsoring GPSL 2023 we have decided to hold the conference on June 16th and the Superlaunch on the morning of June 17th.

On Thursday June 15th we will be doing a  tour of the Space and Rocket Museum - home of Space Camp with a supper that evening. Hopefully the tours of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center will resume by June. If so, I will sign us up for a tour.

During the conference we will arrange a tour of the Severe Weather Institute (SWIRLL) and their amazing weather monitoring vehicles.

Launchsite on Saturday June 17 (raindate of June 18) will be at the SWIRLL building parking lot across the the UAH campus  Pico balloons can be inflated inside the building.

We will also be doing a virtual Zoom link to the conference as has been done the past couple of years.


- Bill WB8ELK

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