Re: DFM17 Repurposing for ham use

Michael Hojnowski


I've got a nucleo w/stlink as well.  I didn't have luck with it, though it didn't really make sense to me.  I just know MrArm was doing fine with a genuine stlink and I couldn't manage with my clone or my nucelo stlink.  I actually punted and switched to using a j-link interface I have, but that's not ideal either as DFM doesn't expose all the pins I need for j-link.  Anyway, I figured the shortest path to victory would be to just go ahead and order a real stlink with the NRST pin.  In fact, this reminds me that I need to go do that. lol.


On 1/18/23 10:45, Clif Brown wrote:

Thanks Mike!

I'll order an ST-Link.  Does the ST-Link function on a Nucelo board also work?  (I can't remember why, but I've got one of those development boards)

I also signed up for the Discord


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