Re: Need a/some GPS logs

Derek Sigler

Thanks Bruce!  That helps a lot.  If anyone else has some close by, I could use one or two more.
derek sigler @ yahoo 

Sincere thanks!

On Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 09:40:12 AM CST, Bruce Coates <ve5bnc@...> wrote:

Hi Derek

Here's one from our SABRE-24 which made it to just over 123,000 feet.

73, Bruce

On 2022-11-10 9:18 a.m., Derek Sigler via wrote:
> Hello.  Could someone  send me some gps full flight logs?  Any GPS
> with NEMA strings should work.  Need to test a few things.  Look at me
> doing Paul's N&V articles from 2009  :)
> Thanks,
> Derek
> kd0pfm

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