We have a new floater.  It was launched at 11:35 AM on 7 October 2022, from the north side of Lexington, Kentucky, USA.  It consists of a three foot diameter Mylar balloon, with a Helium fill, carrying a GPS receiver, APRS controller, and a 2-meter transmitter, along with a small solar cell.  The payload package weighs about 9 grams, and the balloon had an excess lift of about 2.5 grams at ground level (I hope I'm remembering the numbers correctly.  I met with the guy who launched it on Saturday morning, at the local Bluegrass Amateur Radio Society hamfest, when the data was conveyed to me.).  The payload is operating with the call-sign of AI4SR-11.  The package ascended to a little under 30,000 feet, and has been holding fairly steady, as the jetstream carries it east, usually between about 50 and 70 miles per hour, with it being at 29,164 feet this morning.  As of this morning, it was east-northeast of Volograd, Russia, moving into Kazahkstan.  Since it only has a solar cell for power, the transmitter only works while the payload is in sunlight, and shuts-down in darkness.  Plus, in this area of the world, there aren't many digipeter gateways, so the reporting is fairly spotty.

Note that I am NOT the person who launched it, and have no other information.  But, I have been tracking it for almost a week now.



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