Re: Helium loss

Steve G8KHW / AJ4XE

I don't think Kaymont sell any chroroprene balloons (Totex KA and TX series are both latex I think).   For long duration Chloroprene would be better for UV degradation (and I think helium diffusion too).

If you want chloroprene a good source would be the Pioneer (Qualatex / ToyTex) Cloudbusters - (as used for cluster ballooning) - but only available in sizes up to about 600g.

You should consider using HiFloat to reduce helium diffusion (on both latex and chloroprene according to manufacturer).

Helium diffusion seems to be highly dependent on a number factors - loss on the ground is considerably different than at altitude (cold and humidity). 

You should probably seek guidence form previous ballast/gas flight folk (like the Stanford guys).   My longest Chloroprene floater flight was only about 18 hours I'm afraid.

    Steve G8KHW/AJ4XE

On 22/09/2022 20:22, rich.m.legrand@... wrote:
Hey everybody,
We're interested in some extended flights (several days) using simple
latex (chloroprene?)  balloons such as the ones from Kaymont.  We have
a ballast/gas release system that we're designing...  One piece of
information we haven't been able to find is how much helium we can
expect to lose over time.  Does anyone have some metrics or know where
to grab them?


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