Re: NWS Sonde Chase and Recovery


I wonder what size balloons they use now days since the payload is sooo tiny now.


On 9/11/2022 10:59 AM, Clif Brown wrote:

Decided to try my hand at chasing and recovering a NWS balloon. This one was was launched at 7AM from Peachtree City, GA and landed in East Cobb (NW Metro ATL). The homeowner was very friendly and grateful to have someone get the orange parachute out of his pine tree. I used prediction to get me to the general area and then tracked using an SDR-RTL/HDSDR/SondeMonitor with a 2M whip antenna (mag mount).

GPS was dead on.  The payload was in a pine tree in a residential neighborhood.

Recovery was easier than any of my three HAB launches.

This WxSonde chasing could be addictive.  Most of the fun of HAB at a fraction of the cost.


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