Re: GPS-320FW(AS) failed at 39986 feet.

Bruce Coates <bruce.coates@...>

Hi Kip

This isn't one that's affected the 18km limit.  It normally has an altitude limit of 25km but this is one with the high altitude firmware that works well above 30km.  As I mentioned, this tracker and GPS has been successfully on our previous flights.

I did come across some mentions of this unit being affected by the April 2019 date roll-over.  Although we've used it in the past, thanks to COVID, the last successful flight with it was before that.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I also live the UBlox GPSs and I also use them exclusively now.  I think the ham that built this one is also going to switch to a UBlox one.

73, Bruce

On 2022-07-25 6:51 a.m., AE5IB (Kip) wrote:

Some GPS brands stop working between 32000 and 40000 feet.

There was a rule that said a consumer GPS can not work above something like 32000 feet or above a certain speed. It was to prevent cheep GPS units to work on enemy missiles.

Some manufacturers read it as a certain height OR a certain speed, not AND.

I prefer the UBlox GPS because it has modes you can set with their configuration program.  (Free download) Aircraft 1 mode is for a slower aircraft. Still faster than a balloon but the slowest of the aircraft modes. I have had it up to 132,000 feet.

It comes with automobile mode as default, so you have to change it.

None will work over a certain height. I think it is 160,000 feet. Again because of military rules.


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