Re: GPS-320FW(AS) failed at 39986 feet.

AE5IB (Kip)


Some GPS brands stop working between 32000 and 40000 feet. 

There was a rule that said a consumer GPS can not work above something like 32000 feet or above a certain speed. It was to prevent cheep GPS units to work on enemy missiles.

Some manufacturers read it as a certain height OR a certain speed, not AND. 

I prefer the UBlox GPS because it has modes you can set with their configuration program.  (Free download) Aircraft 1 mode is for a slower aircraft. Still faster than a balloon but the slowest of the aircraft modes. I have had it up to 132,000 feet. 

It comes with automobile mode as default, so you have to change it.

None will work over a certain height. I think it is 160,000 feet. Again because of military rules. 


On Sun, Jul 24, 2022, 10:15 PM Bruce Coates <bruce.coates@...> wrote:

An interesting thing happened on our SABRE-31 flight yesterday.  Our VE5AA-12 tracker gps failed at or near 39986 feet.  The tracker is using a GT320FW(AS) that's been flown before and worked fine.  Has anyone else seen this behaviour with this GPS?


Bruce - VE5BNC

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