BASE 109


BASE DePauw is planning on releasing a 300 gram Helium balloon around 1300 UTC on 21 June (tomorrow).  The flight is a test run for some radios and the cutdown system.  W9YJ-11, W9YJ-15 and W9YJ-16 will be on APRS at 144.39 MHz.  W9YJ-16 will also operate in the WSPR mode on the 20 meter band (14.097 MHz). -11 is our vintage BigRedBee radio.  -15 and -16 are lightAPRS units from QRP labs.  We will also be flying under our first chloroprene balloon.

We will celebrate the arrival of summer with a flight that should never be more that 25 km (15 miles) from the launch site at DePauw.

Howard, KC9QBN

Howard L. Brooks
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
241 Julian Science and Mathematics Center
DePauw University
2 E. Hanna Street
Greencastle, IN 46135
(765) 658-4653

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