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Steve G8KHW / AJ4XE

Joe, the HABhub tracker does this - it takes the transmitted data (position and altitude) from the balloon and corrects the predicted trajectory based on where the balloon currently is, how fast its ascending/descending etc.

I addition the Raspberry Pi  Pi-In-the-sky (PITS) software can (if configured) do onboard calculations based on ascent and descent rates to calculate a landing spot.  That predicted landing spot is transmitted along with other data.  The Pi calculated landing spot can be overlaid on the HABhub tracker (in addition to the trackers own prediction of landing spot) and can also be taken directly by the chase vehicles.

Here are a couple of videos of the HABhub tracker predicting the landing spot  during real flights:                              keep you eye on the blue line and dot (HABhub prediction) and the red X that of PITS                               The red red line and dot is the HABhub prediction - the red X that of PITS

    Steve G8KHW

On 18/06/2022 18:45, Joe WB9SBD wrote:
I remember many many years ago,

One of the Flight prediction pages, was making a semi ummm HY-Brid system?
Or it was   I don't know.  but see this was what it was gonna do.

You made a prediction giving the page,

Launch Location,
Burst altitude,
Rate of climb,
Rate of decent.

And it would tell you where it should land.

Now someone was working on a system, where you did this prediction,
and it would make the prediction of landing site as well as path of the flight of course.

But then when you released your balloon, you could input this new live sonde data, ALL BY ITSELF AUTOMATICALLY,
where it now is taking in the new rate of climb, speed of movement (wind speed)
etc. all this "LIVE" data, and it would automatically on it's own constantly up-date the new predicted landing site.

Did this ever become a reality?



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