Re: Like to track balloons? How about tracking radiosondes!

Hank Riley

What a kick this is.  There are many newer (presumably better) versions of this original Yagi Cad 4.1 program from the author Paul of Australia.  They're ALL there including the very first version, 4.2, done in Quick Basic.  

Read the history to find out how the name 4.1 came about (it wasn't from Paul!) and other interesting tidbits, especially to the software writers on the GPSL list.


On Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 08:03:51 PM EST, Barry L. Lankford wrote:

 There's still a current website that has what appears to be the original WB2HOL design,
although I think some of the links may be dead, particularly the onesfor the YAGI-CAD41 program:


I was able to find the Zip file for Yagi-Cad on one of my old hard
drives, but I recall that the program had some issues even then with the
then-current version of MS-DOS (Yes, that's right, YagiCad runs in
MS-DOS, NOT Windows!).  I wouldn't even think about trying to run it
with Win10's DOS window!

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