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Why don’t you just use YAAC? Add in Direwolf if need be.

Keith, WA0̷TJT
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On Nov 17, 2021, at 5:27 PM, Joe WB9SBD <nss@...> wrote:

I am trying to get an APRS monitor system working. It is one that many recommend and says works great.
It does not need a TNC,

Anyone want to try to see if this works? Install them, and make them work?
try to make these two work together?
This is first to replace the TNC,

Then this would be the mapping program to work with.


I am close, I have the soundcard TNC thing working just fine, decodes the packets great.

I also have the mapping program also working great. It even says it is "Connected to the TNC"

BUT,,  the data being displayed by the soundmodem/TNC thing it's data is not getting plotted in the Map.

o the two programs are working, and the map sees the TNC,  but they are not sharing the map data. as seen here

I need someone better than I, to get these to work together, and then help me make my setup here do it too.


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