Re: Very Successful Cornell High Altitude Balloon Launch 10/10/2021

Hank Riley

Fantastically great results.  I very much enjoyed watching the last Zoom launch where full screen live video was broadcast of the recovery (the last and only part I saw by way of Zoom by me being late).  Wished I'd seen more of that one.  For those who didn't see it there were Zoom hosts back at some location, I guess on campus, who directed and coordinated the video shot selection that went out on Zoom.
Since the question of ham participation has come up, how many, if any student hams were part of the Space Sciences department "team" who built the payload?  How big (approx.) was that team as far as total students, whether ham or not?

On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 12:32 PM, Michael H. wrote:
Yes, I'm the advisor to the University ham club.  We partnered with the Space Sciences department on this launch.  The students from their team built the payload.  

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