Re: Helium gas badly needed for YOTA balloon launch this Tuesday, July 13

Hank Riley


Just trying to help out.  The post has been removed immediately by your request.

As far as contact information,  It's less than what you already posted (twice in fact) a few days ago (you also gave your home address) for gosh sakes.  It was merely repeated at the bottom just so anyone that might be able to help you out would not have to go back looking for the contact information, or find it in QRZ or in a FCC public record source as far as a full address is concerned.

What I described about you relative to YOTA is clearly laudatory, and in a million years I would not have dreamed you or anyone would have any concerns with it.  If someone with similar circumstances existing did the same for me, I'd be grateful and thankful.

The general predicament of the gas sales situation in Cincinnati and other areas is "fair game" for further comment and discussion on the GPSL list.


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