Re: Circuit boards for pico balloon trackers

Rodney Sparks

I use for all of my quick-turn PCBs.  A small batch of boards is $23 shipped, and the record so far for receiving boards from them is 69 hours from ordering until boards in hand.  Always good quality too.  Boards that aren't green and 1.6mm thick take a few days more though.


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Hi Chuck,

 I get mine from JLCPCB in China.   Send them Gerber files and specify board thickness in mm.  You will receive high quality boards that are ultra-thin in just a bit over a week and they are inexpensive to boot. I order the 0.6mm boards which equates to  0.024 " thickness. You can go with 0.4mm boards as well but 0.6mm seemed to be the best compromise for strength vs thinness.

- Bill WB8ELK

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Question for those of you building ultra-small trackers for pico balloons:

What thickness of FR4 boards are you using, and where do you get them manufactured?
Many shops will build 0.0625" thick, but that seems unnecessarily thick and heavy.  What are good alternatives?


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