Re: PENS-10p. It’s a Wrap


Mike, that is awesome! I’ve tried to get some interest here in Granbury, but it appears our schools can’t seem to get beyond their standard curriculum in most cases. Congrats on your accomplishment!

--Michael Willett

On Jan 17, 2021, at 6:48 PM, Mike, n0mpm <n0mpm52@...> wrote:

It’s great to see 170 Jefferson 5th graders receive their “World Travelers” certificate documenting 4 trips around the world for our Pico Balloon, PENS-10p.  During these past 2 months the students learned about balloons and atmospheric science, tracked the voyage, predicted the future path, discovered new countries, provided interviews for local NBC and CBS TV stations, and had fun discussing the experiment with friends and family.  

One student told me that her father, an engineering supervisor at Vermeer Corp, would end his weekly staff meetings with an update on the balloon progress.  One day he forgot until his staff demanded they put up on the screen!  It’s great to see projects like this spark the imagination of young and old alike!
Guess what?  I had as much fun as the students!

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