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Michael Hojnowski


Ya, I plan a similar setup.  I want to make a tiny 3D printed box that the balloon line passes through between parachute and balloon.  The box will route the string just like Joe's setup.  It will have a small ESP32 board with bluetooth which can fire the nichrome.  The main payload will have an ESP32 bluetooth/LoRa  flight computer that can decide when to initiate cutdown.  I can either stick an accelerometer in there or use altitude or whatever.  I may put a second cutdown box between the chute and payload box so that if I get stuck in a tree, I have the option of abandoning the chute and cutting away.

I've fallen in love with the ESP32 boards.  They're SUPER cheap ($5 for the cutdown board I plan to use) and have a ton of functionality, and they're just as easy to program as arduino.  I'll probably be switching over to them for most of my applications.

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On 11/24/2020 12:17 PM, Bill Brown via wrote:
Hi Mike,

  I designed a cutdown many years ago that had a CR123 battery.  I supported the flight train through some ring lugs to keep it from moving (knotted the line where it went through the ring lugs.  I used a MOSFET to actuate the nichrome wire...a few inches coiled tightly around the flight line.  It flew above the parachute and had a small 434 MHz RF receiver which was activated by turning on the 434 MHz transmitter in the main payoad with a coded serial string.  The cutdown box weighed about 3 ounces and just spun around the parachute after cutting down the balloon.

- Bill WB8ELK

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Hey Joe,

I'm planning to make a quite similar setup myself.  Do you happen to know the current draw you get when that nichrome is engaged?   I'm trying to see if I can fire it with a FET and maybe run both the microcontroller I'll be using AND the nichrome from the same power source to save weight/volume on the cutdown device.  Knowing the current draw would help me understand whether I can ride out the "brown-out" when the voltage gets pulled down, or whether I might have to supplement with some caps/diodes or something to protect it.

Thanks for any info you might share,

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Hello Larry!

I invite you to review a cut down I made here.


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