Big Balloon Boxes for sale! Kaymont 1000g and 1500g

Dan Bowen

Hello long lost friends,
I've come to terms with the fact that I will not be able to consume 65 balloons before they turn to dust.  So, I'm ebaying some, at pretty good discount below new prices:

Kaymont 1000g (6 balloons in sealed original box)

Kaymont 1500g (5 balloons in sealed original box)

Also selling these:

Totex 200g (13 balloons for sale individually or as a lot, discounted)
Price and shipping are negotiable with the "make an offer" button.  Message me that you're in the GPSL/Arhab groups and I'll give preference to your offers.  Ships from San Francisco, CA.

Dan Bowen
Formerly of UTARC, Spirit of Knoxville, White Star, Loon

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