Re: Are there any HAB Clubs/organizations or activities in Missouri?

Carlton Corbitt

Hi Jason,

The question of are the Balloon groups in Missouri is a YES,  but if the question was are there very active HAB groups... maybe not so much

that is a group in St Louis that is probably the most active in the state of MO.

Keith Keiser and others in Kansas City, MO did HAB balloons, but have mostly slowed down to doing them at Boy Scout Jamboree's

RoboMo - the st louis robotics club use to do them, but due to job changes and death among the primary HABer's hasn't done a flight in a while.

There is also a 4H club in Columbia MO that was focusing on space and STEM education a number of years ago, that released balloons and needed people to help chase down and return their projects.  But I haven't heard of them releasing any balloons in a few years.

Missouri may have other Near Space groups i don't know about as well.   However with the covid pandemic i suspect most groups are on hold for now.


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