Re: Hydrogen regulators?


No need to spend more than about $100. Some regulators have to be built using special materials (like those for corrosive gases), but hydrogen and oxygen regulators are built the same and I have purchased 4 or 5 oxygen regulators from a local regulator repair shop over the years for several teachers and others needing a hydrogen regulator for filling balloons for less than $100 each with the oxygen tank fitting replaced by the repair shop with one for a hydrogen tank. The regulators are like the ones typically seen used for welding with 2 gauges and, with them costing a bit more than $90 in Canada, you should be able to find one for even less in the US without much trouble.


Acetylene and oxygen regulators are much more popular and therefore less expensive than regulators for other gases plus regulators for other gases are usually laboratory grade (more precise) thus much more expensive. Regulators for other gases (other than oxygen) could probably be used as well by changing the tank fitting but you can’t beat the low cost of a new oxygen regulator plus some regulators are designed to provide a low flow rate rather than a high flow rate like an oxygen regulator does. Final point – It’s probably not a good idea (and not recommended) to modify a previously used regulator (especially an oxygen regulator) as the internal parts can out gas the previously used gas which could lead to a problem so best to start with a brand new regulator.




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I keep having to ask you questions.  Well I appreciate your help anyway.  So we are  trying to shift over to hydrogen and the local welding supply place wants $500 for a regulator.  Yet I see this $93 dollar regulator on line.  



Why should I not spend $93 instead of $500?




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