Re: Hydrogen regulators?

Hank Riley

That $500 price is totally nutz!!!!  I can't imagine what device they have in mind.  Just for grins you might ask them for a catalog sheet, or a make and model number.

You can easily beat that $93 price by watching Ebay for regulators.  I got a fancy two stage regulator made by Linde (no better brand) years ago on Ebay -- it's a real gem (something like $20 shipped!).  Nice big gauges -- not midgets.

One stage regulation is enough, though.  One or two stage makes a fairly big price difference if bought new.  It is nice to have it variable.  Fixed output is a little cheesy, especially for small balloons.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2020, 3:47 PM Larry wrote:
I keep having to ask you questions.  Well I appreciate your help anyway.  So we are  trying to shift over to hydrogen and the local welding supply place wants $500 for a regulator.  Yet I see this $93 dollar regulator on line.  

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