Re: Hydrogen regulators?

Bruce Coates

I'm no expert on regulators so I'm hesitant to give an opinion.  If you can find reputable reviews for this brand, it should be just fine.  Mine is a well known brand thst I bought on ebay that wasn't too expensive because it was used.  I've also heard of people using a helium regulator with a fitting adaptor sot it thread into the hydrogen fitting.  Here to I wouldn't want to be the guy to endorse that.


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From: Larry <larry.phegley@...>
Date: 7/29/20 3:47 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [GPSL] Hydrogen regulators?

I keep having to ask you questions.  Well I appreciate your help anyway.  So we are  trying to shift over to hydrogen and the local welding supply place wants $500 for a regulator.  Yet I see this $93 dollar regulator on line.  

Why should I not spend $93 instead of $500?


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