Re: VA5BNC-15 will be gently landing in Georgia

Bill Brown

Bruce....I have the landing site estimated within a mile or less:  33.7961 / -82.4943.  My guess is that it may be on the grounds of Lincolnton Elementary School in Lincolnton, GA.

  I will see if I can round up some hams in GA to go listen for it tomorrow.

- Bill WB8ELK

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Subject: [GPSL] VA5BNC-15 will be gently landing in Georgia


It looks like VA5BNC-15 started descending at about 01:00 UTC at a
pretty constant rate of about 70 feet per minute.  At this rate it will
be on the ground in eastern Georgia by about 06:00 UTC.  The area looks
pretty rugged so I doubt it will ever be found.

It's been a fun ride.  Time to build a successor to it.

Bruce - VE5BNC

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