Re: VA5BNC15 aprs signal

Bruce Coates

Hi Bill

For some reason my spam filter is discarding a lot of the messages from the GPSL list.  I'll get that figured out.

Your absolutely right.  I'm running DRA818V and it takes about 1300 ms from key up for the transmitter to energize and the Tx audio to reach full deviation.  The only solution I've found is to key it up then wait 1300 ms for before sending any data.  The result is a period of dead air, followed by what feels like a very long Tx delay with the audio level ramping up then the the two packets.  My code can also use the SR-FRS module which doesn't have this bug.  I don't remember why I'm using the DRA818 as opposed to the SR-FRS.  Probably just what I had on hand at the time.

The module is rated at 500mW when powered at 4.0.  It's powered directly from the LiPo so it will fluctuate a bit based on the battery voltage.

The GPS is a ublox NEO6MV2.  I've broken out the enable pin on the regulator to allow me to completely shut it down for deep sleep.  The micro-controller is an 8Mhz Arduino Pro mini powered directly from the LiPo and it's running a heavily modified version of Trackuino.

73, Bruce 

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