Re: Flight recap from Project: Traveler/NSTAR

Hank Riley

Often making the image better looking makes the lens/sensor defects more tolerable.

Nothing fancy in the way of image software was employed here.  Freeware from something like 14 years ago.  Global brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness were adjusted.

Probably overdid the darkening, but it demonstrates what can be done.  With something fancy like Photoshop or equivalent, the pink problem could be selectively worked upon.

I think the RPi lens/image sensor system looks really awful, at least the one you got, since this pink haze is happening barely after leaving the ground.  Looks like it's maybe all due to the sensor, not the lens.  Shouldn't have to rework this kind of simple picture; the same thing could happen on the ground at the beach.

Inline image

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