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Steve G8KHW / AJ4XE

Hi Zack - Ive not tried (or even seen) that particular pi camera before but I see its based on the 5Mp OmniVision OV5647 sensor - that was the sensor used by the original pi v1 camera.  Raspberry pi replaced the v1 camera with the 8Mp v2 around 2016 because OmniVision had stopped production of the OV5647 in 2014.

Yet since that time there are many camera boards based on that sensor - some as cheap as $4.   I suspect that the OV5647 is now being pirated.  Cameras based on that sensor seem to perform adiquatly on the ground - but when you get them airborne and bright light they suffer with what I call purple haze (very jimi hendrix).  I think your pictures are suffering form a variant of that rather than chromatic aberration.    Maybe something can be done with filtering or different configuration - but I have yet to find it.

The original genuine V1.3 or V2 camera (based on a Sony Sensor) seem best for HAB - although the V2 does need some re-focusing (its set focus is about 2m).  There is also a 12MP v3 camera out - but I haven't tried it yet.


On 12/07/2020 20:30, Zack Clobes W0ZC wrote:
I uploaded a few photos from yesterday's flight.

As I dug into the photos from that RasPi  camera, I'm seeing a lot of lens distortion (chromatic aberrations) which is quite disappointing. The aerial photos that I uploaded are un-edited and you can see hints of it if you look at the saturations levels in the middle of the photo vs. the outer edges.

This is the camera sensor/lens that I was using:

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