Re: Flight recap from Project: Traveler/NSTAR

Hank Riley


It's certainly apparent what you're talking about and it would be disappointing to anyone.

Using the commonplace meaning of chromatic aberration (of two distinct types), what you have is not chromatic aberration.  I'll get a better look tonight but some of the images look as if they're suffering from big differences in brightness, the effect of which is similar superficially to "lens flare" but not the same.

Regarding "lens distortions," this phrase is usually used to refer only to departures from rectilinearity, so it's a geometric or topological deficiency.

On Sunday, July 12, 2020, Zack wrote:

I uploaded a few photos from yesterday's flight.

As I dug into the photos from that RasPi  camera, I'm seeing a lot of lens distortion (chromatic aberrations) which is quite disappointing. 

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