GPSL 2020 less than two weeks away

Mark Conner N9XTN

GPSL 2020 is inexorably approaching - we're now under two weeks away.  

Our current plan is to open the Zoom session around 0830 CDT on Friday to give people a little time to test and diagnose Zoom issues with attendees and speakers.  We'll start at 9 and have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break plus about 45 minutes for lunch, and we should wrap up around 4pm CDT.  We'll leave the session "open" at breaks and lunch for people to ask follow-up questions or to kibitz with others, similar to what happens IRL.  Exact timing and speaker order is TBD, but I should have that by next weekend.

On Saturday we will open a Zoom session around 0830 CDT, about 30 min before launch time, and let people "broadcast" their launch.  Mike KD2EAT will be moderating and monitoring for any Zoom issues.  I will be contacting those launching balloons Saturday to see if there is a preferred time to get together to share flight stories afterwards.

If you've forgotten to register, please do so at and click on the registration link about midway down the page.  We will distribute the URLs to registered attendees a day or two prior to the 10th.  We have just over 60 registrations and have room for plenty more.

73 de Mark N9XTN


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