Re: Four HiBalls over AZ

Jack Crabtree

TToday I am seeing 5 HBALs over Mexico on the ADS-B Radar Box feed. The other 4 HBALs I was able to track went south into Mexico as well and drifted off to the east. The 5 I see over Baja are at 50-53K feet.


On 6/21/2020 4:05:40 AM, Hank Riley <n1ltv@...> wrote:

Correction:  Six Loon flights in three clusters at 1100 UTC, June 21.  

From south to north, 189, 191 in cluster 1; Gulf of California, Mexico
202,204, and 194 in cluster 2; Gulf of California, Mexico

193 far north west and a little north of Tucson, AZ.

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