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This might be of interest.  

I have not checked in on WorldView Enterprise in a couple of years.    They were having a lot of trouble with their Safety assessments and obtaining a launch license for their human project (Voyager) to carry people up to the Edge of Space on a balloon and have them parachute back down in a pod. 

It seems they have shifted gears towards surveillance efforts... Keep your eyes to the sky this summer they are sending up a network of balloons soon. 



On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 3:21 AM Steve G8KHW / AJ4XE <steve@...> wrote:

Cross posted from [picoballoon] - given recent UFO interest:


On 18/06/2020 03:48, James Ewen VE6SRV wrote:

How did you establish an altitude of 2900 feet? I’m assuming AGL as well. 

At that altitude, one could easily tether a balloon, and it would be able to stay in a fixed location for a long duration. 

If you have a specific article to reference, it would be best to provide a link to the article instead of a website. 

I did go to the media page, but I’m not searching for an unknown article. 

The images on the top of the page caught my eye. Not sure what the top one was, but the middle one looks like a cloud. The bottom one looks like a blurry picture of a weather balloon. 

I know what blurry pictures of weather balloons look like. I have taken quite a few trying to get images of flights I have participated in. 

Our latex flights, and the hundreds of flights launched by the weather service can look fairly interesting, and can raise eyebrows if you happen to see one without knowing what it is. 

Little white dots, and not so little white dots in the sky can attract attention. 

I personally have seen hundreds of UFOs in my lifetime. Most of them I have been able to determine to be airplanes after short duration of observation. Then there are the little lights zipping across the sky at night. those can be identified using satellite tracking software. I especially liked seeing the iridium flares. The high magnitude flares can be pretty amazing. 

Everything can be unidentified until you figure out what it is. Sometimes it’s easier to identify than other times. 

I think most who have responded thought that you were wanting to fly your MADAR unit under a balloon at altitude, in a stationary position for observational readings. 

That might cause more problems for your cohorts as more UFO observations might be triggered by a flight of this sort!

Keep your eyes on the skies!


On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 7:45 PM Margie Kay <momufonasd@...> wrote:
I should have mentioned that the altitude was 2,900 feet. And there were two or three objects which stayed the same distance apart the entire time. For more info see my article under the media page at  

On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 10:50 AM Steve G8KHW / AJ4XE <steve@...> wrote:

humm - read "in" as inches missed the almost invisible '


On 17/06/2020 13:19, Zack Clobes W0ZC wrote:
Her question was about a 30 foot (~10 meters) balloon, not inches.


On Wed, Jun 17, 2020, 4:11 AM Steve G8KHW / AJ4XE <steve@...> wrote:

Its possible but quite unlikely I think - 30in balloons (I assume you are talking about the variety used for floater flights with payloads of a few grams) usually float about 8,000m (25,000ft) - about the 350mBar layer in the atmosphere - this is quite an active layer:,37.08,432,37.08,432

The shape of the balloon will have very little impact on the drift (if any at all).

    Steve G8KHW

On 16/06/2020 23:15, Margie Kay wrote:
I have a question for you balloon experts - I am a MUFON investigator and am wondering if it is possible for a balloon 30' in diameter to be shaped like a flat donut and stay in the same location and altitude for over six hours?

I appreciate your comments.

P.S. I'm setting up my MADAR unit in Independence, Missouri tonight if I can figure it out!


On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 9:23 PM Bill Brown via <> wrote:
KF4ZTI-11 was launched this morning (Saturday) from Clarksville TN with just one pound of payload attached. GoPro type camera and an APRS tracker. It transmits every 1 minute on 144.39 and then 10 seconds later on 144.34 MHz...This payload sat in a tree for a week or two last year and saw quite a bit of weather. As a result the transmit frequency has shifted to 144.348 MHz on APRS as well as 144.398 MHz when it gets below -20 C...As a result it is out of the passband for most digipeaters. I am still copying it here in Huntsville AL from 220 miles out but is about out of range for me. Is there someone in the St. Louis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis or east OK or NE TX that can set up an iGate tuned to 144.348 MHz tonight? If you already have an iGate, can you tune it to 144.398 or 144.348 MHz? This is an unplanned latex floater due to KF4ZTI putting in only a few ounces of positive lift on a 1200 gram balloon. It floated all day around 107000 feet but is descending after sunset...probably will level out around 90,000 feet and continue on west across Arkansas tonight.

- Bill WB8ELK

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