Re: Photos from first GPSL (2001)

Hank Riley

Back in the day!    Sigh.

I was just looking at the special webage I created to welcome Weatherwise readers to my HABLIC (High Altitude Balloon Launch Information Center) website.

The Weatherise article generated quite a bit of traffic to HABLIC and through independent tracking that I had installed, it was apparent exactly who and how many (for some of the visitors) were coming direct from Weatherise.

HABLIC was the internet's first website that listed balloon launches from around the US in one place.  "All balloon launches, all the time."  It had a consistent data format which started even before the advent of the website and before even the web itself for that matter.  So before the web there was plain text email and Usenet.

Most of HABLIC exists today archived by several web legacy sites.  In its lifetime it logged over 25,000 hits and really went nuts when it was mentioned in a QST article.  I think that set a 24 hour record of something like 1000 hits!

On Thursday, June 18, 2020,  Paul wrote:

We did that launch for WeatherWise magazine.

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