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If we think there will be more than that attending we can all chip in for a large meeting add on for a month at $65.  That would raise the limit to 500

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I have a ZOOM Pro account which can host up to 100 participants for meetings up to 24 hours long.

I can also record, but would record to a file on my PC which could then be shared via DropBox.


ZOOM recording to the Cloud is constrained to 1 Gb – and an 8 hour conference video would be much larger than that.


I am happy to donate my account for use for GPSL.


Thanks for all you are doing in this interesting year!


John F Dinneen KCØL



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I received word today from my contact at the University of Nebraska-Omaha that they will not be able to host us for this year's GPSL event.  While Nebraska has already lifted some gathering restrictions and will lift additional ones on June 1, I think the ones that will remain will make it difficult to host an enjoyable event.  In-person participation also looks to be considerably reduced compared to previous years, and finding an appropriate venue at this date will be problematic.


We still plan to have our usual Friday symposium, so this will serve as a call for presenters.  Even if you just want to have 10 minutes to show a cool video you have, that's great.  


The meeting platform is also open for discussion.  Zoom and Google Meet appear to be limited to 100 participants for their free tier, and we may well exceed that number.  If someone has access to a higher tier, particularly one that would support recording, that would be great.  I don't know if recordings from any of those platforms can be exported to YouTube, or if recording access would be limited to that platform.  If someone would be willing to help me out in this area, it would be greatly appreciated.  I may be able to use my employer's Microsoft Teams capability, but will have to see if there are issues with doing so.  It looks like Teams recordings can be exported.


We also plan to have a simultaneous Saturday launch for teams that would like to fly for GPSL.  We'll be in at least three different time zones for launches, so we'll have to pick a time compatible for everyone.   I'm thinking we'll also have an post-flight meeting for people to share experiences.


While it's a disappointment we can't meet in person this year, I'm hopeful we can still have a great event at our own locations for our 20th Super Launch.


73 de Mark N9XTN

GPSL 2020 coordinator



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