Re: COVID-19 and GPSL

Michael Hojnowski

I'm totally OK with virtual meeting and presentation.  If we do a launch that day, I may attempt to livestream it again.  I had decent results with a 1.3ghz transmitter on my flight last Fall.  We had video all the way to apogee, though not beautiful, it definitely worked.  That might be fun to watch for some stranded with no balloon to chase.

Mike / KD2EAT

On 3/20/2020 4:42 PM, Joe WB9SBD wrote:
I propose, everyone we have the virtual meeting online using one of the many programs that do that sort of thing.

The when it comes to launch day we all launch from our usual launch sites.

I'd still love do do our EBBE flight, but have yet to find a willing partner group to try it.

Near Space Sciences

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Idle Tyme

On 3/20/2020 10:58 AM, Keith Kaiser, WA0̷TJT wrote:
HamSCI is in the middle of a Zoom workshop right now. Its working great and I think we should make GPSL 2020 a virtual set of presentations with a coordinated launch on Saturday.

Keith, WA0̷TJT

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