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Alan Adamson has had multiple long duration flights. I believe his e-mail is:   adamson_alan@...

Bill Brown wb8elk@... is experienced in all types of balloon flights including extended duration floaters

Ron Meadows K6RPT is someone who has flown extended flights and manufactured balloon envelopes.  See


On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 11:05 AM stan siems <ssiems@...> wrote:
I am working on launching several long term floaters with hopefully multiple passes around the earth I have several persons saying this has been done with up to 7 passes although I have not found data to support this. If any one would have information on any of these flights I would appreciate receiving the information on those flights. I will be using a APRS LIGHT W  tracker with  a usb battery and solar panel to charge it on the first flight with the possibility of adding a cross band repeater Later if I can prove  that we can keep them up for sufficient period of time. The electronics is the easy part the Balloon is the difficult part. I am looking at making my own balloon using stratofilm 430 ,If any one has done this I would appreciate any information they have and what there experience was. I would also appreciate any anyone offering information on a project of this type.
Thanks Stan Siems WB0EMJ

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