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I will be leaving Hutch sometime between 12:00pm and 5:30pm.  If I get out early, are there any dinner plans that I should be aware of for Friday night?
Also, the final decision for vehicle comm is on 446.52 simplex?  I should have 7.2535Mhz on my vehicle also (if my new magnet holds up....). 
What time are we gathering/launching from Herington?

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There's a 24 hour study area at teh campus, so I have access to group
email.  I have my cell phone and HT in the car, and I'll be monitoring
them shortly.  Just finished watching MIB-2, not bad.  There comment
about postal workers was cute.  By the way, the last Star Trek:TNG
movie is coming out in time for Christmas.

The hanger at Herington looks fine for filling balloons.  I'll pick up
a plastic tarp to toss on the group.  I don't want those oil spots on
my balloon sheets.  Funny, I never thought I'd see so many oil spots
around aircraft.

I have four people arriving tonight, Bob, Don, Mark, and Mike.  I'll
monitor the repeater for your arrivals.

See you all later,

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