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The records are still found on  When you click on a record, there are many error lines, before the records appears but you can still find the list down the page.

Howard, KC9QBN

P.S. - I may try to run the cross band repeater from Rantoul again next summer on 8 August 2020.

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Hello Mike,

 I personally would like to see the Records going. I have to admit I'm bias on this. If nothing changed KD0FW and myself should still be number one on Earth Balloon Earth. Every now and then I tell people about it but can't find the records so they can see it. I was just wondering. Don't do it just for me if its too much trouble. 

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I manage the website, you can see my callsign and email on the front page. Apologies if I didn't send you a response to the record email. I've been collecting new records via email but I've been focusing more on maintaining the site and cleaning up and replacing old code.

Currently there doesn't seem to be a big demand for records. At GPSL last year I asked the group how record keeping should work going forward and got very little feedback.

If people still care about the records I could make some new submission rules and move them to a Google Drive spreadsheet so they're easy to update. The old site and records are still up of course and haven't changed much.


Michael West W5MAW

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Hi Tony,

Happy Thanksgiving

I don't know, its kept up out of a labor of love by volunteers.   I wasn't at GPSL so i don't know the latest.


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