Re: University Project Teams using Balloons?

Bill Brown

University of Alabama Huntsville had a BalloonSat course for almost a decade as a ECE senior design project. We launched over 60 balloons. It sadly was discontinued. However they have a Space Hardware Club that flies balloon payloads each semester. -Bill WB8ELK

On Aug 23, 2019, at 9:20 AM, Michael Hojnowski <kd2eat@...> wrote:

Hey Gang,

So a colleague here at Cornell is entering his PHD program in Atmospheric Sciences, and is quite interested in balloons. He may well do a thesis using superpressure balloons. Anyway, he is also working with his professor, and interested in kicking off a student project team to do HAB related projects. At Cornell, we have a TON of project teams that compete with other universities. We have autonomous vehicles, drones, submarines, rocket teams, just to name a few engineering related ones. Anyway, it looks like he may create a "Balloon Team". The problem is, we're not aware of any other Universities doing a similar thing. Does anyone know of other schools doing such stuff? Competition leads to innovation!!!! :-)

Mike / KD2EAT
Advisor, Amateur Radio Club at Cornell

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