Re: University Project Teams using Balloons?

Jeff Ducklow

You might consider making contacts by leveraging  NASA’s Space Grant Network.  It is quite large and typically connected with big universities across the USA. 

Here is a  Link:

From that web site:  "The Space Grant national network includes over 850 affiliates from universities, colleges, industry, museums, science centers, and state and local agencies. These affiliates belong to one of 52 consortia in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

I know that University of Minnesota is a part of NASA’s Space Grant Network.  They have an active group of students that are pursing science with Rocketry and HAB. 

You could reach out to Dr. James Flaten, MnSGC Associate Director, flate001@...

Jeff Ducklow
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On Aug 23, 2019, at 9:53 AM, BASE_DePauw <hlbrooks@...> wrote:


Here are a few possible matches:

Iowa State:  (Matthew Nelson is a good connection to the Stratospheric Ballooning Association, which could yield more schools, see:  or )

University of Southern Indiana:

Metropolitan Community College Omaha Nebraska might have some interest:

Howard, KC9QBN

On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 10:20 AM Michael Hojnowski <kd2eat@...> wrote:
Hey Gang,

So a colleague here at Cornell is entering his PHD program in 
Atmospheric Sciences, and is quite interested in balloons.  He may well 
do a thesis using superpressure balloons.  Anyway, he is also working 
with his professor, and interested in kicking off a student project team 
to do HAB related projects.  At Cornell, we have a TON of project teams 
that compete with other universities.  We have autonomous vehicles, 
drones, submarines, rocket teams, just to name a few engineering related 
ones.  Anyway, it looks like he may create a "Balloon Team".  The 
problem is, we're not aware of any other Universities doing a similar 
thing.  Does anyone know of other schools doing such stuff?  Competition 
leads to innovation!!!!  :-)

Mike / KD2EAT
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