Re: 2019 GPSL Live Stream

Garrett, Mark


When you send it out on YouTube Live will you be monitoring the chat that YouTube provides?  I am sure there will be questions posted.

If there is WiFi in the lab and attendees have access to it, I might be able to assist.  If possible to get the URL the day of the conference I would like to spread that around on Facebook since there is no limit to the number of viewers on YouTube.  I have in the past posted Pico balloon launch and tracking information to the Amateur Logic Facebook page and that has generated a respectable response.  
The conference stream might pick up a few new future balloonists. 


On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 10:06 PM Mike, n0mpm <morgamp52@...> wrote:
If all goes per plan, we will live stream the Friday Conference on YouTube...
Go to and search for "GPSL Live"
Most likely you will have to search for it again after our lunch break..Sometimes it retains the same YouTube address and sometimes not !
 I will be monitoring the live stream.  Send me an email if you have issues...
In addition, we will record the presentations and have them available later if all else fails.....

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