Re: APRS Time Slot Planning (Final Maybe?)

Michael West W5MAW

Hey Paul,


Chris N5CMR and I are thinking of bringing back our camera / SSTV payload (no tracker) from last year, but we don’t have a balloon prepared. We can help launch and recover one or more balloons.


By the way, we made a team name: “Those Two Texans” (TTT) 😊





Michael West W5MAW


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I found out yesterday that the KD4STH-2 tracker shifts its output one second early every five transmissions. It's a Strato Tracker and doesn't have the ability to set a time slot.


Bill, would you be interested in launching your backup tracker on a balloon with me if I bring a 1,000 gram balloon? I have a light-weight tracker (Track Soar) that I can pair up with it. That would give me four launches at GPSL. 

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Here's my latest revisions including the two Pico balloons I plan to fly:


latex balloon trackers:

WB8ELK-11    144.390 time slot 0:47    144.340 time slot  0:52   flying with W0ZC

KF4ZTI-11       144.390 time slot 0:37    144.340 time slot 0:42   backup tracker if needed (no longer listed as WB8ELK-12)


Pico balloon trackers:


WB8MSJ-11   144.390 time slot 0:27    144.340 time slot  0:37

AK0SK-11      144.390 time slot  0:37    144.340 time slot 0:42


Even though AK0SK-11 and KF4ZTI-11 are on the same time slot, I have a randomizer routine that varies it plus or minus a second so they won't tromp on each other very often.  No problems if KF4ZTI-11 doesn't fly.


And yes, I can make the alternate transmission 10 seconds after the 144.39 transmission or 5 seconds .


- Bill WB8ELK


Does this scheme work with everyone. I can reprogram any of them if necessary.


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Subject: APRS Time Slot Planning (Final Maybe?)

Here is what I think is getting close to our final...This information
should be the same as what is on the web page under the
Launch/Flight Roster tabs...

Let me know soon if you have any revisions so we can lock it in for
tracker configuration...




Dr. L. Paul Verhage
Near Space Evangelist

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