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Garrett, Mark

I registered today as I had planned to after Hamvention.  Will be returning the WB0URW-5 along with the balloon.  I did separate the Skytracker from the balloon to confirm its operation, beaconing away on sunny days from a window and should be ready to fly with a new balloon.


On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 6:18 PM Mike, n0mpm <morgamp52@...> wrote:
We are only 3 weeks away!  Here is what's going on...much of this will end up on the superlaunch web page, but here is a sneak peak:

1. Pre-Registrations are running very slow.  So far only 18 have signed up for the seminar and that includes Jim and me.  GPSL 2013 in Pella had 39 at the Friday seminar.  If you are planning on attending please pre-register SOON....I need a bunch more to cover my up front costs and to meet some minimum numbers on dinner venues.

2.  The Thursday Tours are just about set.  We will tour Lely Inc, a company that makes automatic/computerized milking machines. Lely is a Dutch company and Europe is way ahead of the USA implementing this technology.   I am sure we all will be running out to buy a herd of milk cows so we can make use of this product.   Our other tour will be back at Vermeer Manufacturing most likely in their Forestry Division.  I had hoped to tour the directional drilling area, but it got "blown away" in last July's tornado.  We will also get a recap on the tornado and the rebuild plans.  As time permits, those that want to visit the Dutch Windmill, I will be glad to give the tour.

3.  Zack is working on getting the Saturday balloon launch information form on the web page.  So far I know of 4 latex balloons, and I assume a few pico balloons will be in the mix also...Those I know about so far are:  KD2EAT(Mike), EOSS, MOHAB, and Project Traveler(with NearSys)...

4.  I plan to work with Mark Conner to order up perfect weather.  So far this spring, his perfect weather strategy has not been working too well.....

Looking forward to an educational and fun weekend...

Mark Garrett, KA9SZX
Tri States Public Radio

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