Re: Wanted: Payload recovery team for GPSL

Garrett, Mark


Just catching up on emails after meeting you at Hamvention.  What kind of tracking device are you going with for the bear?  

On Sat, May 18, 2019 at 9:32 PM Michael Hojnowski <kd2eat@...> wrote:

I'm intending to reprise a launch of the payload we launched at Cornell
a few weeks back.  It features a DTMF triggered secondary payload
release (the last one was a little Cornell Big Red Bear) with Parachute
and tracker.  We attempted to release it at 90,000 feet but our DTMF
decoder didn't quite get the message.  A failsafe dropped the bear from
95,000 feet.  Unfortunately, the Bear got a little waterlogged prior to
flight (it was drizzling rain) and fell faster than predicted right into
Cayuga lake.  It's sleepin' with the fishes.

I want to make another attempt with a, hopefully, better outcome. Since
the dropped payload follows its own trajectory, I would need to have a
second team attempt to recover that payload while I chase down the main
payload package.  If anyone is free to chase the drop payload, I'd love
the help.  It's not going to be especially valuable, just a tracker and
some token item on a hand-made parachute, so I won't cry if it goes

If interested, please let me know!
Mike / KD2EAT
Advisor, Amateur Radio Club at Cornell

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