Wanted: Payload recovery team for GPSL

Michael Hojnowski


I'm intending to reprise a launch of the payload we launched at Cornell a few weeks back.  It features a DTMF triggered secondary payload release (the last one was a little Cornell Big Red Bear) with Parachute and tracker.  We attempted to release it at 90,000 feet but our DTMF decoder didn't quite get the message.  A failsafe dropped the bear from 95,000 feet.  Unfortunately, the Bear got a little waterlogged prior to flight (it was drizzling rain) and fell faster than predicted right into Cayuga lake.  It's sleepin' with the fishes.

I want to make another attempt with a, hopefully, better outcome. Since the dropped payload follows its own trajectory, I would need to have a second team attempt to recover that payload while I chase down the main payload package.  If anyone is free to chase the drop payload, I'd love the help.  It's not going to be especially valuable, just a tracker and some token item on a hand-made parachute, so I won't cry if it goes unrecovered.

If interested, please let me know!
Mike / KD2EAT
Advisor, Amateur Radio Club at Cornell

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