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In the Arduino ISD showing line numbers is one of the options that can be set on or off.




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I am looking at the sketch and see that it doesn't number it's lines. I assume I just count code lines and not blank or comment lines?


On Mon, Apr 1, 2019, 7:10 AM Clif Brown <cliff.brown@...> wrote:

There are two versions of the Tracksoar.

They are very different designs (and run different f/w) so you need to be sure with one you have.

I've flown version one, it worked fine without much fuss.

I recently purchased version two, and am experiencing the problems that KD4STH described.

I contacted Tracksoar and they suggested I add "delay(500) to line 61 of the sketch.

That seemed to help (the led's are operating more or less like my version 1), and I can hear the squelch tripped on my handheld with PTT goes bright, but I don't hear the FSK data.

I put it aside at that point as I'm also trying to get a DIY LoRa tracker working, and I have Version 1 to use.

Be very interested if someone gets Version 2 working.


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