L. Paul Verhage KD4STH

I'm testing a TrackSoar APRS tracker before near space season begins in earnest. If you haven't seen one of these, it's a small board with GPS, GPS antenna, transmitter, Arduino, and two meter antenna. It runs from 2 'AA'  cells. You program it's Audrino with your callsign and it's ready to go.

Anyhow, I wonder if anyone is using one as I'm having a problem with mine. I see that it has a GPS lock (the GPS LED illuminates once per second) and that it's trying to transmit ( the PTT LED illuminates for 30 seconds on and off). However, my Kenwood D72 doesn't hear anything. My D72 does decode packets from my other trackers, including a Strato Track.

So if you have any experience with the TrackSoar, could you let me know?


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