Re: Barometric pressure sensor for HABs?

Steve G8KHW / AJ4XE

The  MS5611 is a better chip to use for HAB - its rated down to 10mbar (approximately 28km).   Both the BMP180 and BMP280 have an erratic output value issue outside of their rated range.

    Steve G8KHW

On 12/09/2018 01:39, Michael Hojnowski wrote:

I've been using GPS for altitude on my balloons, but I'm working with a student who's interested in trying a barometric pressure sensor attached to an arduino with my next HAB flight.   I've got a pile of BMP180s laying around, but  they only seem to be rated for 9,000m.  It looks like the BMP280 has the same issue.  I'm expecting 36,000 meters or so.  So, two questions.

1) Is there a better series of devices to use?
2) The last time I screwed with the BMP180, the altitude formulas I found didn't seem to work.  It was thousands of feet off, just at ground level.  If there is a "defacto" subroutine to use for calculating altitude from a pressure sensor that everyone's using for HABs, I'd love a pointer.

Thanks for any tips!
Mike / KD2EAT

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