Re: Barometric pressure sensor for HABs?

Hank Riley

You could get a sounding for the day for a little refinement.  I just tried that and there was a difference of 360 meters from the Standard Atmosphere.  That height is subject to the radiosonde system inaccuracies as well.

I would definitely encourage you to fly at least a BMP180/280 to see how it does higher up.

On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 2:53:57 AM EDT, Hank Riley via Groups.Io <n1ltv@...> wrote:

By the way, no matter what sensor you use, you'll be happy to get within a few thousand feet of the correct altitude for those higher ranges of altitude owing to the small pressures being measured and the fact that the standard atmosphere is just an approximation of your slice of the atmosphere at launch.

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